How to Make Unwanted Cars Wanted?

Maybe you have a vehicle that’s been rotting for years in a corner of your yard. Can you even think about the repair of a rusted driving machine? Why would you struggle to drive a vehicle like that when you can schedule free car removal and get paid for your wreckage. Though sometimes it is difficult to give up your lovely mean of transport, we offer desired cash on the spot for any vehicle category. Our Scrap metal yard takes care of a vehicle unsafe to drive containing hazardous materials to the environment and health. We turn unwanted cars into wanted ones.

When is the Time for Recycling a Car?

There are different reasons why vehicles come for recycling. It is common for owners to recycle cars near the end of a life span or damaged in a crash. Or, they take part in replacing the old one for new at a discount. 

First of all, the car recycling facility controls the vehicle to see if the car is more valuable for repair than recycling. If the repair looks unprofitable, the recycling facility then continues to dismantle and recycle.

What is the Recycling Procedure? 

First, there is the extraction of undamaged usable parts. Battery, electrical and electronic scrap, catalysts, oil filters and lead parts are removed. Oils, antifreeze, fuel and other liquids from scrap vehicles are placed in special tanks designed for waste liquids. 

Removing engine fluids reduces the chances of a fire evolving in the salvage lot. Then wheels are taken off. The tire’s separating and compressing the rims. Large plastic parts, seating coverage and glass surfaces are taken out from the scrap vehicle.  When all recyclable parts of cars are sorted, except for iron and steel parts, the car frame is ready for further procedure. 

The recycling company puts the remaining scrap metal in a shredder to disintegrate the scrap. It grinds with the help of water filters and air cyclones separating dust from metal and non-metal parts. Purified material serves as a quality raw material for foundries and steel mills.

What Substances are Dangerous Waste?

Dangerous waste is fuel, motor, hydraulic and oil in the transmission system, refrigerator fluids, antifreeze, oil from the braking system, acid from the battery, liquid from air conditioning. Some vehicles contain asbestos, which is harmful.

How we Use Recycled Parts?

Recycling rates of cars are higher than 90%. As we can see, recycled parts of the car include tires, wind glass, batteries, steel and iron, wheels, gearboxes, rubber hoses, car seats, belts, oil filters. Tires have a recycling rate of about 80%. 

Recycled tires serve in building new roads. Recycled glass is applicable in creating floor tiles, glass beads, porcelain, counters and jewellery. One tone of glass can save about 10 gallons of oil. This way we also renew the cycle of glass production. Recycled car batteries are a great source to produce new ones. Steel and iron have wide use in the industry. 

So if you have a vehicle for recycling or selling, don’t bother yourself with unnecessary costs. Call Top Pay Scrap Metal and avoid weeks or months the sale takes place.


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