Recycling copper


from NARRABRI through inland New South Wales, Australia

Copper is special due to its high electrical and thermal conductivity, which makes it very usable. It is non-ferrous metal which means it is not magnetic. Non-ferrous metals are used for wiring and electronics. In addition, since they do not corrode, they are used for roofs, gutters, pipes and even exterior signs. One of the biggest advantages of copper is infinitely recycling without losing chemical properties. As a result, copper of the highest purity can be produced over again from recyclable materials. 


Inland Scrap specializes in collecting copper scrap from your doorstep. We buy all types of copper scrap such as copper coils, radiators, or old copper scrap from machines and tools. You can also have a copper pipe, or anything else. Just sell it to us and get THE HIGHEST PAY for it. We are aware of our responsibility for the climate. The Inland Scrap company uses modern, energy-efficient technology with very high environmental standards to maintain a clean environment for future generations.

Inland Scrap ensures that all services cause minimal disruption to your business. 

Choose the best scrapyard in Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia that pays immediately for the sale of your copper scrap. Fill out our online form, get a free evaluation and sell your copper scrap today. Just one phone call +61414440656 separates you from selling your copper scrap!