Recycling brass

brass metal scrap

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From locks, gears, handles and valves, to plumbing fixtures, electrical appliances and musical instruments, brass can be found in most items we encounter at home, at work and anywhere else. It is important to know that when not using these items, proper disposal must be ensured by recycling brass. Our goal is to educate consumers on the social and environmental benefits of participating in the circular economy by extending the life of this significant alloy. 

Brass never loses its chemical or physical properties in the recycling process. Its remarkable ability to be recycled infinitely many times has enormous environmental and economic benefits. 

We recycle all types of brass and bronze: 

  1. Red brass
  2. Yellow brass
  3. Industrial brass 
  4. bronze brass radiators

Inland Scrap is registered and licensed to dispose of and recycle all types of waste brass covering all inland New South Wales, from Narrabri to shores of New Castle in the east side, all areas of Sydney and South Coast and South inland of New South Wales, Australia.

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